Princes of the Apocalypse

The One Where The Town Gets Mildly Destroyed

Also, mostly the parties fault

A tent was pitched.

Nym starts to understand that his mind is infested (allowed to perceive what was real with Int arcana checks). Steve-oh knows that Tyr was taken captive by the townsfolk, party at the base of Sumbar hills.

Tyr is stuck in prison; guards are asking about the adventuring companions. Tanner causes worry for guard, killing in self-defense is Tyr’s, Town has earthquake from Tyr’s eating habits.
Nym thinks ghosts are causing earthquake gets slapped by Steve-oh, go to the tanner’s hill for an overlook of the town. Townsfolk are ready to raid, still look weak as shit, Nym tries out the disguise, gets convinced otherwise.

Tyr sees weak points in the prison and plans an escape, starts pissing on his shirt, guard was astonished but disappointed. Offers “Lemonade” to the guard. Town shakes once more, Tyr busts out a concert for the guard, shaking the earth with the fantastic music.

Massive sinkhole has opened up in the town. Nym blends in the town, Steve-oh gets noticed from the Tanner smell. They try to fight but Nym intimidates the shit out of one of them (Literally!). The smell is so bad even Nym comments on its nastiness.

Nym cries over the loss of his kind of friend. Vats had flesh in them. Start heading into the town.
Tyr lifts one of the bars out with some effort, effortlessly gets the second out, walks out to see the sinkhole, wasn’t noticed walking out. Sinkhole is about 10m, Nym talks to kids who love the devil in the sinkhole.

They all head down into the sinkhole and hug it out, Nym is relieved to find out Tyr is real. Stone slab is a door, no magic presence.

The sinkhole doors show Thoth religion, shows to be a sensible path possibly, choose the left door, opens a tunnel. Smell of death nearby chamber is dark but has a skittering noise
Found giant rats, into combat, rats were wrecked.
Corpses has the symbol of cult, on the skulls,

Floating rock, Nym does a comprehend languages ritual to understand Dwarven script. A bunch of guy’s head in, we are the bringer of woe we bring death. Leader of cult guys is dual wielding Scimitars, looks rad as shit.

Scimitar guy was eventually killed he put up a fantastic fight, managing to put Nym close to death before dying from head hits. Nym tries to communicate with the Cthulhu, it’s insanity.
There is a lifelike Dwarven statue, held together by a wooden frame. Tyr is checking the good near the statue and takes some of them. Rezor dagger was obtained.
Nym used his back to convince the old man that we were believers.

Enter into the Chamber, floating stones, skeletons with mining incidents. Laurac runs, comprehend languages was used to find stone info on Dwarven, walls has crazed maniac information going darker “bring him back with blood”. stone mask copies were found, information was reported to the new constable.

Made way to the general store after talking to adventurers about the spire. General store was hasty about kicking Tyr out. Fight the storekeeper, persuaded the shopkeeper to ease his anger. Storekeeper is part of the harpers.
Nym has a shard of an old god in the brain, may be able to study it. Nym got the book for a trade of a magic missile wand, Nym now starts reading the book.


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