Princes of the Apocalypse

We Can Fly!
...Kind of

Nym and Steve-Oh get materials for spells.s
Tyr asks for med kits, innkeeper hasn’t restocked since group stole them.
Nym and Tyr comment on the horribleness of the kits being stolen. Shopkeep thinks nothing of it.
Shopkeeper says he’s hoping to get some more from the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Road.

Group goes to inn
Spend then night. Tyr plows the lady-beast again. Nym and Steve-Oh can hear everything (Probably enjoy themselves)
Steve-Oh makes innkeeper wash her hands before breakfast

The Mystery Gang leave Redlarch via the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Road towards the Sumbar Hills. The town aren’t happy to see them leave. The sky is as gray as a corpse’s cock.

Group strikes mist after half a day. They can’t navigate for shit.

Group hears a frog or some shit and can’t figure out where Kermit is.
Sounds like Kermit is distressed
As they proceed forward, it sounds like Kermit is descending from the Heavens towards the hills/forest.

To everyone’s surprise, Steve-Oh successfully navigates through valley into rock area.
Group finds spire poking through the fog like a dick through a rubber.
Kermit stops croaking/screaming.

It’s night now. Group pitches tents. Nym reads Book of Cuddly Bunnies (?)
Book is warm. Nym enjoys the writings of the madman who wrote it. He doesn’t QUITE understand the madman’s ramblings, surprisingly.
Steve-Oh meditates as his watch. He hears Kermit (?)
He leaves the group like a fuck wit and follows the screaming frog towards the spire.
Expectedly, Nym and Tyr are attacked in their sleep
Tyr is FUCKED UP, Nym receives a near fatal tickling. Both wake up to Mountain Lions
Tyr screams a manly scream and Steve-Oh finally fucking hears. The asshole surprises everyone by for once running towards the camp with the intention of helping his ‘companions’

Steve-Oh continues his fuckwitism by trying to attack the kittens with a tent, but fails and smacks himself with the tent, entangling himself.
Nym enjoys the fantasy of murdering Steve-Oh. The giant squid in his head thinks this is a good idea. Cthulu suggests a contract. Nym offers his entire right arm in exchange for winning a single combat scenario. Henceforth, Nym is NEVER allowed to barter with anyone or anything, real or imaginary.
Nym’s arm goes black and smoky and makes a racket. The large cats run away, Tyr snags one of them with his axe as it runs.
Steve-Oh requests Tyr and Nym keep the noise down, as he is trying to meditate.
Nym is unable to move his arm.
Steve-Oh figures out that Nym’s arm is possessed by demons n shit, and puzzles out that the demon/s come from that book that Nym was reading.
Tyr heals with a good med-kit. Steve-Oh uses his cursed med-kit on Nym’s arm, who takes damage.
Steve-Oh figures out that the med-kit was fucked.

Group goes back to sleep. Tyr takes watch. Hears mountain lions in pain off in the distance.
Wakes up Nym for second watch.

morning n shit
Group heads towards spire. The come to a chasm. They spot a bridge. Predictably, the head to the bridge.
Spire appears to be a village or something?
Two men chilling at the drawbridge.
Steve-Oh introduces himself. A female exits the spire. Group enters spire.

Chick asks what group is doing. Groups talks of the missing dignitaries, and presumably lost dignity. Chick mentions Griffins.
Group lays all secrets before the chick, who requests gang speak to the captain of the guards. Guards burst in through every available opening in the room

Mystery Gang escorted through the spire. More knights join the lynch mob.
Gang find themselves at the very top on the spire, in front of a dude in fancy-pants armour.
Fancy-Pants dismisses guards like an idiot.
Turns out that the Chick my have been Kermit all along.
Kermit leads party to ground floor. Monk dudes heal party. They don’t like Nym.

Kermit leads party into a feast. Hall filled with well dressed knights. Nym walks in smelling like corpse’s jizz, Tyr shovels food into his mouth, Steve-Oh brags incessantly.
Fancy-Pants gives the lay of the land, talks of cue balls, and gives the history of his Order (Knights of the Feathergale)

Someone bursts in yelling “MANTICORE”
Fancy-Pants offers a fucking big ass diamond as reward for the Manticore’s head. Group goes “why not?”
Group obtains Griffins and fly the fuck off.

Group spots Manticore
Tyr is Griffin Master, and cuts the Manticore’s stomach.
Tyr shoves a Javelin inside its anus (Literally. No joke)
Tyr is such a badass that the Manticore can’t touch him
Steve-Oh lasso’s the Manticore’s wings

Manticore crashes to the ground
Steve-Oh sets its anus on fire and the Manticore dies. Fancy-Pants is pleased. Steve-Oh receives a Diamond ring and is no longer a single lady.

The One Where The Town Gets Mildly Destroyed
Also, mostly the parties fault

A tent was pitched.

Nym starts to understand that his mind is infested (allowed to perceive what was real with Int arcana checks). Steve-oh knows that Tyr was taken captive by the townsfolk, party at the base of Sumbar hills.

Tyr is stuck in prison; guards are asking about the adventuring companions. Tanner causes worry for guard, killing in self-defense is Tyr’s, Town has earthquake from Tyr’s eating habits.
Nym thinks ghosts are causing earthquake gets slapped by Steve-oh, go to the tanner’s hill for an overlook of the town. Townsfolk are ready to raid, still look weak as shit, Nym tries out the disguise, gets convinced otherwise.

Tyr sees weak points in the prison and plans an escape, starts pissing on his shirt, guard was astonished but disappointed. Offers “Lemonade” to the guard. Town shakes once more, Tyr busts out a concert for the guard, shaking the earth with the fantastic music.

Massive sinkhole has opened up in the town. Nym blends in the town, Steve-oh gets noticed from the Tanner smell. They try to fight but Nym intimidates the shit out of one of them (Literally!). The smell is so bad even Nym comments on its nastiness.

Nym cries over the loss of his kind of friend. Vats had flesh in them. Start heading into the town.
Tyr lifts one of the bars out with some effort, effortlessly gets the second out, walks out to see the sinkhole, wasn’t noticed walking out. Sinkhole is about 10m, Nym talks to kids who love the devil in the sinkhole.

They all head down into the sinkhole and hug it out, Nym is relieved to find out Tyr is real. Stone slab is a door, no magic presence.

The sinkhole doors show Thoth religion, shows to be a sensible path possibly, choose the left door, opens a tunnel. Smell of death nearby chamber is dark but has a skittering noise
Found giant rats, into combat, rats were wrecked.
Corpses has the symbol of cult, on the skulls,

Floating rock, Nym does a comprehend languages ritual to understand Dwarven script. A bunch of guy’s head in, we are the bringer of woe we bring death. Leader of cult guys is dual wielding Scimitars, looks rad as shit.

Scimitar guy was eventually killed he put up a fantastic fight, managing to put Nym close to death before dying from head hits. Nym tries to communicate with the Cthulhu, it’s insanity.
There is a lifelike Dwarven statue, held together by a wooden frame. Tyr is checking the good near the statue and takes some of them. Rezor dagger was obtained.
Nym used his back to convince the old man that we were believers.

Enter into the Chamber, floating stones, skeletons with mining incidents. Laurac runs, comprehend languages was used to find stone info on Dwarven, walls has crazed maniac information going darker “bring him back with blood”. stone mask copies were found, information was reported to the new constable.

Made way to the general store after talking to adventurers about the spire. General store was hasty about kicking Tyr out. Fight the storekeeper, persuaded the shopkeeper to ease his anger. Storekeeper is part of the harpers.
Nym has a shard of an old god in the brain, may be able to study it. Nym got the book for a trade of a magic missile wand, Nym now starts reading the book.

Grand Theft Med Kits
The One Where They Almost All Die......Again

Tyr seduces the man beast that runs the Swinging Sword to gains info on the cult (it is not eradicated as some may say). We also learned that some people in the village are having unexplained issues (Tanner and Stonecutter).

Steve-oh talks to the constable and gains his thanks, not much else.

Convoy from Neverwinter, they entered the Sumbar Hills to the north-east of Red Larch and made it to Riverguard keep “Hey we got issues in the surrounding area we’ll get to you soon” – Message from the Convoy.

Nym trying to catch rats. Fails and almost kills himself, doesn’t help that he was one 1HP and his badly mangled hands are still trying to heal.

Kids playing, and talk to Nym, asking about scars. He starts being a weirdo.
“Secret caves” mention kids. Whole town occasionally shakes. LOOT INSIDE CAVES. Might have to kill kids for it.

Steve goes to bed

Tyr lasts about 30 secs with the man beast.

Nym goes to tanner again, tanner gets freaky. Nym, alone with the tanner… can’t handle his alcohol


Mallihko? Stoneworks: Another lady beast. Tyr agrees to work for stonecutter (Day and a night).

Steve-Oh: Leaves for the tannery. Finds nothing goes back to StoneC.

Nym: General store, checks condition off back. Gets chased off by broom wielding store clerk.

Arrive back at stonecutters all together:

Lunch time:

Back of Nym’s back carved is a Sigil. Triangle with vertical line from bottom to center.

Weird robed persons involved with town mis happenings.

Steve break into general store, learn that ‘friend’ might be involved with the cult of the black earth whch is where the symbol originates

Head back to stonecutters hide in trees.

Engage the cult members…

Steve-o and Nym ran away, Tyr was taking prisoner and locked up in the Jail House

The scribe ends here….

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