Princes of the Apocalypse

Grand Theft Med Kits

The One Where They Almost All Die......Again

Tyr seduces the man beast that runs the Swinging Sword to gains info on the cult (it is not eradicated as some may say). We also learned that some people in the village are having unexplained issues (Tanner and Stonecutter).

Steve-oh talks to the constable and gains his thanks, not much else.

Convoy from Neverwinter, they entered the Sumbar Hills to the north-east of Red Larch and made it to Riverguard keep “Hey we got issues in the surrounding area we’ll get to you soon” – Message from the Convoy.

Nym trying to catch rats. Fails and almost kills himself, doesn’t help that he was one 1HP and his badly mangled hands are still trying to heal.

Kids playing, and talk to Nym, asking about scars. He starts being a weirdo.
“Secret caves” mention kids. Whole town occasionally shakes. LOOT INSIDE CAVES. Might have to kill kids for it.

Steve goes to bed

Tyr lasts about 30 secs with the man beast.

Nym goes to tanner again, tanner gets freaky. Nym, alone with the tanner… can’t handle his alcohol


Mallihko? Stoneworks: Another lady beast. Tyr agrees to work for stonecutter (Day and a night).

Steve-Oh: Leaves for the tannery. Finds nothing goes back to StoneC.

Nym: General store, checks condition off back. Gets chased off by broom wielding store clerk.

Arrive back at stonecutters all together:

Lunch time:

Back of Nym’s back carved is a Sigil. Triangle with vertical line from bottom to center.

Weird robed persons involved with town mis happenings.

Steve break into general store, learn that ‘friend’ might be involved with the cult of the black earth whch is where the symbol originates

Head back to stonecutters hide in trees.

Engage the cult members…

Steve-o and Nym ran away, Tyr was taking prisoner and locked up in the Jail House

The scribe ends here….


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